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This easy to use kajal eyeliner originates from India, where it is produced according to the natural principles of Ayurveda & Greek Medicine, free from chemical additives. The classic recipe includes beeswax and ghee as well as coconut oil, wool wax and almond oil. Borneol provides the cooling effect. This remedy is widely used not only in Ayurveda, but also in Chinese medicine. As a phytochemical, borneol is a constituent of essential oils found in coriander, sage, nutmeg and rosemary. The color is shiny and does not blur. In addition to beautifying the eyes it also keeps eyes healthy. They are soothed and protected and tired eyes look radiant again. With regular use, a decrease in corneal dryness was observed.

Khojati® has more than 150 years of sound expertise in ayurvedic eye care. The raw materials used are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified and undergo stringent quality controls according to government-defined guidelines for herbal medicine.

Why K-Veda Kajal Eyeliner Is Better Option Than Kohl Pencil & Eyeliners?

Our Products are tested by FDA with Microbiological analysis with necessary certifications.
  • Based on Ancient Ayurvedic & Unani Principles. Eyeurvedic Kohl Liner renders the eyes with a lustrous bold quality, while calming and relaxing stressed eyes. Pure Ghee and natural ingredients, revitalize your skin giving it a youthful glow. Almond oil nourishes the eyes and encourages the growth of thick and lustrous eyelashes.
  • Protects, Nourishes & Cools the eyes, cow’s ghee enriches and nourishes the eyes while bhimseni kapoor helps in relaxing your tired eyes.
  • Clean & Cruelty-Free Eyeliners to green your routine. Swap out your current eyeliner with one of these safe, toxin-free options. Conventional eyeliners can contain harmful ingredients including carbon black, formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, parabens, synthetic dyes, and many others that you don’t want near your eyes.
  • A Retractable Eyeliner/ Mechanical Liner, does not need to be sharpened. It’s easy to twist the barrel and the product turns upward. It is perfect for the waterline, tight-lining, and blending. Once the point becomes dull, we have an inbuilt sharpener to polish the tip


- Cows Ghee (Butyrunm)
- Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera Oil)
- Bhimseni Karoor (borneol)
- Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus dulcis)
- Waxy Base ad 100% w/w (Beewax-cera alba, Wool Wax-Lanolin, cera carnauba-Brazilian wax),
- Approved Natural Colour qs (Ci 77499, Carbon Black)

Disclaimer: We do not claim any medicinal benefits nor do we claim to solve any medical ailment. Tips & suggestions are only for reference. Even natural cosmetics can have side effect depending on individuals. Test products before full use.

Difference Between Regular Eyeliner, Kohl & Kajal

Nowadays, kajal and eyeliners are used interchangeably, however, there is still a slight difference between kajal and eyeliner that we might want to know. Kajal is mainly made with a combination of natural ingredients and soot. It is organic in nature, making it soothing for the eye, it also helps protect eyes from infections. The purpose of applying kajal originally was to protect eyes from the sun glare as the darkening around eyelids provided relief.

Eyeliner, on the other hand, can be found in liquid, gel or pencil form. It can be harsher on the eyes compared to kajal since it is not generally made from organic ingredients. It doesn’t have as soft a texture compared to kohl and kajal, or that silky finish. The main difference between kajal and eyeliner lies in the fact that kajal is safe to apply on both, upper and lower lids, while the latter is generally applied on the upper lid. Using eyeliner on the lower waterline is hazardous as they are chemically loaded.

Talking of difference between Kohl and kajal, kohl pencils are typically made from powders, pigments and waxes. They have the smooth glide of kajal, but they are not as messy.

The Spars Initiative;

Even though commercial recognition of natural, herbal & organic ingredients and cosmetics is a new trend in Europe & the west, eastern civilisations have been using this in day to day life. With modern technology now its possible to test and prove the benefits and thus it can be now be produced under the modern regulations.

Established over 20 years in Europe and originating from India we thought of integrating the two and bringing the best of both the worlds. Step by step we want to introduce products in the European market which are inspired and developed using natural ingredients and introduce a healthy lifestyle.

Ayurvedic beauty care is rooted in three core goals: cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing. Ayurveda allows us to customize our skincare routines and mix and match natural ingredients to reach our desired results. When you come across Ayurveda cosmetics online, you need to be more conscious and you need to check the source as lot of unorganised players supplying ingredients shipped with no care for packaging, appearance, and often times with potential safety risks.

To eliminate this fear, we are introducing Ayurveda-inspired cosmetics, with pleasant aromas, rare and hand-picked ingredients, and modern safety and quality controls with necessary certifications and detailed information to end customer.

We have exclusive tie ups with brands and manufacturers who also work on similar philosophy.

In one of the projects under Prime Minister’s Make in India initiative we launched Sparš Naturals to develop homemade Ayurveda recipes and bring it to masses. We make a conscious effort to source our ingredients from tribal and village communities to share more benefits with them and avoid manipulations by middle man.

Our partner lab than does the necessary quality controls before we use them in any manufacturing process. For quality control purpose we get FDA approval for each product and variant.

From the benefits derived We Support Girl Child Education locally.
  • Our Products are
  • 100% Veg
  • 100% Natural
  • Alcohol Free
  • No Parabens
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Free of Harmful Chemicals

K Veda by Khojati

Almost one and a half century ago, a unique formula for a Surma (Kohl/Kajal) was gifted to Bai Ratanbai Manji Padamshi Surmawalla. This was a Surma made from genuine pearls. This was the beginning of not only a new Business Venture but the creation of a vision. Today the range offered by Khojati, also known as Hasham Manji Padamshi Surmawalla, is bringing relief to people the world over.

Formulated on ancient Ayurveda & Unani (Indo Greek) Principles coupled with modern technology the Khojati range of Kajals are manufactured under the most stringent Quality Control. The purest ingredients are used and some products are specially made mild and gentle for the use of children. Although Khojati embraces the ancient Unani principles, it has also moved with the times. New factories are being setup to meet with the increasing demands for Khojati products and to maintain consistency and quality in the entire product range.

All Khojati products are FDA approved and are constantly being tested and improved in our own Research Laboratory.

Eye Care Tips

While eye cosmetics like eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow can make your eyes stand out in a crown, they can also harm your vision if not used properly. We want everyone to keep their eyes healthy. We encourage everyone to use natural products for healthy and beautiful eyes

Research has suggested that people who apply cheap eyeliners without checking the ingredients can run the risk of contaminating their eye and causing vision issues. When eyeliner is applied on the inner eyelid, it is likely to migrate into your eye, potentially causing damage. When makeup enters the tear film, it can cause:
  • discomfort for those with sensitive or dry eyes
  • irritation
  • redness
  • bacteria entering the eye
  • eye infections
  • blurred vision

It is often recommended that you apply liner to the outside of your eyelids only, avoiding the inner eyelid. However, if this is a makeup trend you plan to indulge in, there are things you can do to reduce the risk of harmful effects. To reduce your risks, simply sharpen eyeliner before use to get rid of the build-up at the end. This simple habit can help prevent infection.

Eyeliner, as well as other eye cosmetics, can cause various eye problems, especially for contact lens wearers. Eye cosmetics often leave deposits in your lenses that affect your vision and comfort, resulting in your eyes becoming dry and irritated. Contact lenses perform best when your eyes are clean and moist. When makeup is in the tear film, it can cause harm to your vision, comfort, and eye safety. To prevent eye cosmetics entering your eyes and causing damage, it’s important to first wash your hands then carefully and gently wash off eye makeup each night before bed.

The Dos and Don’ts for Healthy, Beautiful Eyes:
  • Do wash your hands before applying eye cosmetics
  • Do clean eye cosmetic applicators before use – wash or replace all your brushes and sponges frequently
  • Do remove makeup before bed
  • Don’t hold onto old makeup
  • Don’t use dried out mascara
  • Don’t share your cosmetics with a friend
  • Don’t put your eye cosmetics on while driving or riding in the car
  • Don’t put eye cosmetics on when you have an irritated or infected eye
  • Glitter effect in eyeliner makeup can cause corneal irritation and infection.
  • Be gentle to your eyes, while applying eyeliner it is possible to have scratch in your cornea result it can lead corneal abrasion or it is medically called Conjunctivitis.


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